"Non-adjacent space" hotel with 18 rooms

Hotel accommodations zakompanovany so that would be above (below ) the living quarters were located either landscaped terraces ( ekspluatiruemyh on roofs ) or placement technical floors .

Non grupiruyutsya communication around the nucleus, and standard floors alternate with each other .
On the ground level, placed second public service hotels, cafes, outdoor pool terrace .

Walling rooms provide a complete transformation of exterior walls in each room individually.

The hotel features a device nezadymlyaemoy stairs and elevators for additional fire service teams operated roof - deck .

The design of the building skeleton , with a hard core and rigid symmetrical cores communication mines etzhey heights ( floor to floor ) :
Residential - 3300 mm
Technical - 1800 mm
First 6900mm ( with levels 1800, 3300)

Borisenko, Sergey
Certified Specialist, certificate  АА 001914.